Monday, April 14, 2014

Samgak Gimbap - the easier way of wrapping

Very innovative design. The plastic keeps the seaweed crisp.
Our trip to Seoul has been very fruitful :D I found these individually wrapped seaweed easily at Lotte Mart. I could not find this in the local or Korean supermarkets here in Singapore. Maybe it is always out-of-stock? Anyway, this seeweed has made packing samgak gimbap for my girl such a breeze. Check out Maangchi's video on Samgak Gimbap for steps on how to wrap it, as well as correct way of unwrapping it :D You may think it's funny but it can become a mess if you unwrap it in your own way :D

Apologies for lousy photo, just to show the inside of my samgak gimbap.

Japchae & Multigrain Rice

Recently I have been reading up on cooking instead of baking, hoping to learn to cook a few more dishes for my kid and hubby. As I am into multigrain rice since my samgak gimbap / onigiri / rice roll making adventure, I've gotten my sis to buy a packet of purple rice from Taiwan for me. I am still confused over purple rice and glutinous black rice. They look similar, and different sources on the Internet seem to suggest different thoughts about their relationship to each other. There are several health benefits to purple rice, do read up on wikipedia if you are interested to find out more.

During our recently family trip to South Korea, I bought a packet of multigrain rice from the Lotte Mart. Multigrain rice is expensive in Singapore's supermarkets. After checking with my Korean friend,  I understand that this multigrain rice need no soaking. This is convenient! I usually have to soak the other brand of multigrain rice for 3 to 4 hours before cooking.

As I was running out of idea on what to cook for lunch one Saturday, I decided to cook this multigrain rice to go with Japchae. I have cooked Japchae several times, but the result varies each time. This time, I decided to follow Maangchi's recipe. I am grateful to her for the many videos she has made and shared with novices like me :) Please refer to Maangchi's blog for full recipe and video. All her videos are very clear and she makes cooking Korean food looks so easy!

Instead of beef and white mushrooms, I used pork and enoki mushrooms. I think this is probably the yummiest Japchae I have made so far.

The multigrain rice smells and tastes great. I love the texture, especially the beans. Unlike my kid, who did not like the beans (which is fine as I got to eat more hehe). Fortunately, she loves the Korean purple-colored rice like me. She loves rice and in order to maintain her weight, I have switched to healthier rice. A word of caution though, I always cook 3/4 cup Japonica rice (from ntuc, supposed to be low in fat & cholesterol free) with 1/4 cup of purple rice or multigrain rice, as not everybody can digest multigrains well. So my suggestion is to start a lower ratio of multigrain rice and increase if your stomach agrees with it.

Stay healthy! :)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Rice Balls / 饭团 / Onigiri

Although this photo does not look fantastic, I feel too excited to not share this recipe :D Lately, I have been busy reading up and experimenting making onigiri / rice ball / samgap gimbap. It all started as my girl has to stay back in school quite often now to attend CCA or supplementary classes. Her school moved to a temporary site this year and many of the food stalls at her school canteen have changed, which was followed by a price increase and drop in food standard. From what I gathered from her, a plate of plain white rice with one braised egg (卤蛋) costs $1. That does not sound very appetizing or healthy. Thus, the idea of packing lunch for her sparked off.

Banana Almond Chocolate Chips Muffins

This is a very easy recipe to put together. Many thanks to Carol's 自在生活 for sharing this recipe. I replaced walnuts with baked almond nuts, and added chocolate chips to appeal to my girl :)